Whispering Ranch 'Open Lot' Information

The Second Saturday of Every Month ! !

(Not lately I must admit, but call if you need me out there ! !)

Most other Realtors have houses that they can hold open when they want to let everyone know all of the features of what they are selling. In our case, we still want to let everyone know what the benefits are of the Whispering Ranch area, but we don't have any houses that we can hold open. So, we do the next best thing.

We go out to the corner of Patton Road and 299th Avenue and set up a big canopy, bring along a couple of tables and chairs, coolers with bottled water and soft drinks, and a whole bunch of information about "The Ranch". I have a large map of Whispering Ranch that is updated regularly and shows the properties that we have for sale, an updated notebook listing of all of the properties that are on the market for sale in Whispering Ranch, and maps and directions of how to get around. We bring current information that keeps everyone up to date on the status of area developments, transportation studies, market studies and our analysis of what direction things are going. Everyone is interested in the latest sale, what the parcel prices are doing - are the prices heading up or down? - if there are any new houses being built, if any wells are being drilled, who is bringing in electric and all of the other information that keeps this area interesting.

Our goal at our 'Open Lot' days is to get as much information as we can to as many interested parties as possible. We view our role as providers of information to those seeking to make an informed decision in their selection of land as an investment. Our goal - believe it or not - is to help you make an intelligent choice of the parcel that meets your needs. So we will show you what to look for (an to look out for) when it comes to roadways, and access to different areas, indicators of floodplain and floodway, where the power lines are located, location of hillside lots, flat lots, hilly lots, plenty of cactus lots, mountain view lots, city light view lots, and plenty more. Depending on what you're driving, we may also advise you to leave your car and ride with us. Some of these trips can be a pleasant ride in the country, while others are 'white knuckle' and 'let me out, now!' runs through remote desert terrain. And we haven't lost a prospect . . . yet.

We generally arrive around 8:30 or 9:00 in the morning and stay until about the time the sun starts to set. Everyone is welcome, those who are just finding out about "The Ranch", those Owners who live in the area and who stop by to get up to speed on the latest happenings in the area, other Agents who are showing property in the area and need maps or information, and Sellers who in some cases have no idea of where the parcels are that they own. And we do whatever we can for everyone who shows up. We have the ATV enthusiasts looking for areas where they can run about, and even folks who are lost and in need of a cold bottle of water and directions back to civilization.

The best part of it all is that we really enjoy being out in "The Ranch", and have a good time with every one who shows up. One of the sayings we are using now is "A day in Whispering Ranch is better than an hour in the Office."

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