How to Use the Maps

Using the Maps for Maricopa County

When you go to the Maricopa County Assessor's web site you can look at maps and aerial photo's for any area in the County. When you go to this site, click on the "Interactive Map" area, and the program should load a viewer program the first time, then go in and display a county map. To locate a specific parcel, you can input the parcel number on the right side of the page and you can then zoom in to that specific parcel. Or you can use the zoom in and zoom out buttons at the top of the page, and you can also use the Menu area on the right side of the page to view aerial photos or choose the floodplain selection to see what areas are impacted by floodplain or floodway. The specific information on parcels does not appear until you zoom in close enough so keep zooming until you see what you need. (You might need to click on the menu on the right side of the page to get to those choices.) Lately the aerial maps are not showing up the way they sould for 2013, so look at the date bar below the menu and click on the 2012 year button and last years photo's will show up. The County is using the "New and Improved" software. In my experience, that means more expensive, more downtie and more problems using the software. Oh well.

The same process applies when you go the web site for the Maricopa County Flood Control District to look at the flood plain maps. This program uses the same viewer as the County Assessor's Site, so you can go in and click on the area that says "Floodplain Maps" on the first page, Click on "100 year FEMA Maps" on the second page, and a map of the county will appear. On the top right there is a spot that says "Search" - click on that and a window opens up. Input the parcel number and click "Find" and after a couple of moments, the parcel will show up in the middle of the page. This will also show where there is flood plain or flood way in the area or on the parcel. Or you can use the "zoom in" icon and place it on the map where you want to zoom in and click - you zoom in. And the more you click, the closer you zoom in. Definitive determinations on specific lots can be obtained from this Department if you call the number that pops up on the screen when you move the cursor to a particular area.

Let me know how you do with these web site and maps, and send me your thoughts. If you need particular information, let me know, and I'll get it out to you.

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